How to setup SMTP in Asterisk Free PBX

Sometimes we don’t get voicemail to email or update notifications from our asterisk pbx, in that case we can configure SMTP this way. Modify your /etc/postfix/generic by adding these lines, replacing with a real email account. root root@localhost root@localhost.localdomain root@freepbx root@freepbx.localdomain asterisk asterisk@localhost asterisk@localhost.localdomain asterisk@freepbx … Read more

IVR setup for your Asterisk PBX

IVR ( Interactive Voice Response ) is a Welome greeting which you hear when dial some big company’s customer service number. It sounds something like ” Thank you for calling ABC Company , press 1 for sales, press 2 for support ….” Having this kind of setup was costly affair few years back but with … Read more

Create Inbound route in Asterisk PBX

Login to your asterisk pbx as admin to create inbound route. Inbound route is where you add your DID number ( phone number ), and route calls according to your requirement. You can set your calls to go to IVR welcome greeting, Ring group, any particular extension or voicemail. Create Inbound Route Go to connection … Read more

Create SIP Trunk and Outbound Route

You have come to this page this means you already have create extensions and now want to configure sip trunk in your asterisk pbx. How to get SIP configurations from VoIP Providers Most of the voip providers provide you control panel where you can generate sip configurations. For example Telnyx will provide you sip configuration … Read more

Asterisk G729 installation

First you need to SSH into your Asterisk PBX. once in run these commands cd /usr/lib/asterisk/modules Download codec Go to this url and download appropriate file for example wget rename this file mv Connect to asterisk CLI asterisk -rvvvvvgc load module run this command on asterisk CLI module load Restart … Read more