Building your own phone step by step installation

do you want to have your own phone system without investing huge money on it ?

This article can help you create perfect open source based Business phone system which will have all the features any advanced phone system can have.

Requirement :

Server Side : Computer with 2 GB Ram, 40 GB Storage, Internet

User Side : IP-Phone, Soft-phone

Download ISO from below link and burn it in DVD/CD/USB Drive.

Insert the CD/DVD/USB Drive into the computer and turn it on.

Just Follow the screen instructions and restart when asked.

Once Installation is complete open computer IP in your browser. You will see PBX User setup screen. Create user and password, input email address.

Select Timezone and now your PBX is ready to use.

Now time to create extensions and Inbound route and SIP Trunk.

Create Extension

On top menu click on applications, select extension, select chap_sip or pjsip ( I will explain this in another post ). I am taking chan_sip as an example here.

Input user extension ( numeric only), Display Name is your name, leave outbound CID blank unless you want to use different callerid for different extensions.

Go to Voicemail tab, enable it, input password ( numeric only), input email address where you want to receive voicemails.

Go to advanced tab and make sure Nat mode is set to “Yes” if you want to register softphone from different networks.

Create SIP Trunk

let us create SIP trunk, I am taking Telnyx IP Auth type trunk as an example.

Click on Connectivity and Trunk

Add SIP Trunk, give it a name.

On Dialed number manipulation rule, click on dial pattern wizard and select 7 digits, 10 digits, 11 digits, any other if applicable.

Go to Sip settings. Under outbound tab


Under Inbound Tab


Setup Inbound

Now setup outbound route.

Give it a name, input DID Number you purchased from Telnyx.

Under Trunk sequence, select Telnyx.

Dial Pattern and dial pattern wizard, then select 7 digits, 10 digits, 11 digits and any other that applies.

Now time to configure Inbound route.

Input your phone number, Description, and at bottom select extension or destination where you want to sen calls.

That is it. Your PBX is ready to use.

But hold on this is just basic setup, in next article I will tell you how to create Auto attendant IVR and route calls to that.

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