IVR setup for your Asterisk PBX

IVR ( Interactive Voice Response ) is a Welome greeting which you hear when dial some big company’s customer service number.

It sounds something like ” Thank you for calling ABC Company , press 1 for sales, press 2 for support ….”

Having this kind of setup was costly affair few years back but with evolution of VoIP made it easy to use and very affordable.

In this article I will show you how to create IVR greeting in your Asterisk based PBX.

You need to have recorded wav or mp3 file of your welcome message, You can record it yourself or ge it done from Fiverr.

First login to PBX web interface as admin, go to admin scroll down and you will see system recording. Click on add new recording. Give it a name and upload your recording mp3/wav file.

Once done, go to applications and select IVR. Click on add IVR, give it some name and description, In announcement field select file you just uploaded. Select enable direct dial if you want your caller to directly reach extension number.

Scroll to bottom and set IVR Entries.

You can input 1 and set some destination like extension, voicemail or any other IVR, you can create as many entries you want.

take reference from this image.

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