One way audio in Asterisk Free PBX

Fix one way and choppy audio

You are reading this article so you might be one of them who is suffering from one way to audio in your Asterisk PBX system.

This could be easily fixed. Let me show how to do it.

For Free PBX users, login to PBX as Admin and click on settings then asterisk sip settings.

Here you will see two tabs, general SIP settings and Chan SIP settings. Go to Chan SIP settings. You will see IP Configuration.

If you have Static IP, select static IP and input it here, else select public. I suggest to use Static IP option. If you don’t have static IP, you can use FQDN of your server.

Scroll down and save it, do not forget to click on RED button at top right corner to apply this setting.

If you don’t have Web access to PBX, you can do it by SSH, SSH your server run these commands

cd /etc/asterisk

vi sip.conf

look for [general] and type

externip =

replace with your Static IP.

save it and run

service asterisk restart

That is all, your one way audio should be fixed now.

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